Big Updates at BuildMyDownlines! Auto-filtering, Featured, and more.

We’ve just released a few new features to BuildMyDownlines that you can start enjoying NOW!

Here’s the news:

1. Auto-Filtering

Under Join Offers menu you will now see a Do Not Show List, this list will automatically be updated with domains for offers you have already joined in BuildMyDownlines, so you will not see offers for sites you have already joined!

2. Manual Filtering

Under the same Do Not Show List, you can manually add in domains or advertisers for offers you do not want to see. Tired of seeing offers from a particular advertiser? Add them to your Do Not Show list and never see an offer from them again!

3. Following News Feed

Under What’s New on your member dashboard you can now select a Tab for Following. If you’re following anyone, you will see a feed of what new offers they have posted right there! You can follow any advertiser by going to their profile and clicking Follow.

4. Featured Offers

On the Join Offers page we now show Featured Offers. This is at no extra cost to the advertiser… if an advertiser is giving a high enough reward we will feature them! This way as a member, you can quickly see the highest payout offers.

5. Payza is terminated

Unfortunately Payza is now unable to provide service to anyone in the United States, which is where I am, so I am unable to pay earnings using Payza. I can continue to pay using PayPal, please make sure to update your payment email for PayPal (if you haven’t already) under the My Commissions or My Earnings History page. This applies to all of my sites, make sure to update your affiliate payment info.

To see all these changes, login to your account now!



Darren Olander

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