Be ten times more effective…

Michael Purvis just launched his new Traffic Zipper site!

I was invited before the launch to look it over, and I have to
say this is something a lot of people will be very happy to see!

On his site he’s claiming you can get “10 Times The Traffic In
1/10th The Time”. Big claim, right?

Why he says this is because you can actually manage 10 (right now,
more to be added) traffic exchanges and list building sites all from
within your Traffic Zipper account.

I was quite amazed by this because..

You do not even have to log into the individual sites!

– You can send mail to all the list sites all from within
your Traffic Zipper account.
– You can edit your profiles and campaigns for all those sites
within Traffic Zipper.

Two of the sites integrated with Traffic Zipper are ListJoe
and ViralURL.. most of you are probably already members of those.

Well imagine this.. you can send your mails for both of those
sites without ever logging into them again.

You can manage everything from one place… Traffic Zipper.
(except for earning credits.. of course you have to go to the
sites or check your mail for that)

Do you see the value too?

That’s my quick summary… but there is WAY more to it..
so I recommend to take the time to read the whole site because,
after all, Traffic Zipper is designed to save you time and make
you money!

Check it out:

To your success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – As Michael integrates more and more sites with Traffic
Zipper it will become more and more valuable.. as a time
saver and money generator!

P.P.S. – Make sure to read the whole page on the site to
get an understanding of what Traffic Zipper will help you with…
You’ll be losing time if you don’t read it!

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