Are You Making Your Marketing Holiday Friendly?

As the Holiday Season approaches, you may be tempted to slow down your marketing efforts because you think that your prospects will not be in a buying mood due to all the other distractions which are present at this time of year. This would be a mistake on your part; the wheels of money making don’t come to a complete halt after the end of November. With a bit of planning you can continue to market your products or affiliate products effectively. By spending a little extra effort now, you’ll also be poised to start the New Year off in a productive and profitable way.

Respect Your Prospect’s Time

If you have an established schedule for communicating with them, stick to it. This is not the right time of year to start communicating more frequently. Send your messages sparingly and make sure to send only when it counts. While you definitely want to stay in touch with your prospects throughout the holidays, don’t bombard them with messages. Think about content you can include in your communications which will specifically benefit them in some way.

Consider Your List Members’ Personal Beliefs

There are a number of festivals and holidays observed near the end of the calendar year. Not all of your list members celebrate Christmas, and you will want to acknowledge the best of the season without focusing on one particular occasion.

Expressing appreciation to your list members and wishing them success in the new calendar year is always in good taste. Everyone likes to feel that they are valued, and this is the perfect time to address that need.

Ask Your Contacts to Share their Wish List

Even thought a “wish list” may be associated with Christmas, this tactic can be used to help you learn about your list members or website visitors and their needs. Ask them what they want and you can start tailoring your marketing efforts and products to meet their needs exactly!

An easy way to find out what’s on your prospects’ minds is to use a survey. During the busy holiday season, you may find it challenging to get someone to sit down to compose an e-mail sharing what they would like. Clicking a few boxes on a short survey doesn’t seem so overwhelming and you should make a point of having a write-in portion so that your prospect can share any extra information as desired.

Offer a Holiday Sale

Just about everyone is interested in getting a deal close to the holidays and you can help to turn your prospects into buyers by running a special affiliate promotion around this time. Consider a series of one-day sales or discounts over a week or more to encourage your list members or website visitors to make a decision now instead of putting it off.

By implementing these techniques, you can make your marketing holiday friendly while still remaining in contact with your prospects. Your efforts will pay off as you set the stage for higher revenues in the New Year.

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