AllNetworkers Team Update

Subject: This is Making Me “Dizzy” With Excitement..

Hello Friend,

I hope my subject line caught your attention because I want to show you
something called “The Dizzler”. This has NEVER been seen before.. it is
completely fresh this last week.. and I know it will get you as excited as
it has for me!

Please go to

This FREE media player will allow you to search online and play free music,
videos, games, and radio stations on your desktop or mobile device.
Our goal is to create a place where media creators and users can come
together and share their passion. We want our members to be able to enjoy
all of the free media content on the web as safely and easily as possible
without any SPYWARE, ADWARE or storage constraints. All you need is
access to the internet and our free media player.

The dizzler is just one of many marketing tools and resources you will
have as a member of AllNetworkers. If you are not a member yet, go to the
address below and sign up now.. If you are a member expect an e-mail
shortly with links of your own lead capture pages that you can use to
promote the Dizzler with your AllNetworkers Home Business Opportunity!

The launch of AllNetworkers is getting closer and closer each day..
We will be hitting 11,000 prelaunch members soon.. they are here for a

To Our Success,

Darren Olander

GRIN Founder and Proud AllNetworkers Team Leader

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