7 Ways to Find the Perfect Article Topic

There’s no end to the benefits you can get from writing a good article. Backlinks, traffic and increased niche presence can all be yours with the right article. However, none of this good stuff can start until you write and post your article. Stuck for article ideas? Look below for a quick list topic ideas for you can find the perfect article topic so you can get rolling with your online business.

1. Write a 101 article

Starting with a broad, basic “101” type article is a great way to get yourself familiar with your topic. It’s also very helpful for your audience as well. A 101 article (ex: Network Marketing 101) will be a great resource on the topic.

2. Write a benefits article

If you want to draw a lot of attention from newbies to your topic, write a benefits article. A benefits article will detail, as the name implies, all of the benefits that come from a process or product. For example, 5 Benefits of Network Marketing Online to highlight the perks of getting into the business.

3. Write a mistakes article.

There are lots of mistakes that people can make in any niche topic, and your audience probably wants to avoid them. For example, those in the network marketing field are probably worried about getting started. You could write “Top 7 Mistakes New Network Marketers Make” and focus on common mistakes all network marketers make in the beginning stages.

4. Write a pros and cons article.

Articles that cover both the pros and cons of a topic are very helpful to the reader, and easy to write. Make sure to cover the same amount of points on both sides. For example, you can write “The Pros and Cons of Getting into Network Marketing” and focus on three points on either side.

5. Write a review article.

Reviews of products and services within your niche are always helpful to your audience. The key with a review is to really purchase the product or service and give an honest review. Cover both the good parts and bad parts of the item you’re reviewing. An example title is “ProfitSystem2: Is the Hype Really Worth It?”

6. Write a how to article

Many topics in your niche require a step by step process that your audience may be looking for. You can help fill this need by creating a how to article. A how to article will cover all of the basics of the process. Your audience should be able to follow your directions to accomplish what they need. For example, you can write “How to Build Your Network Marketing List in 10 Steps.”

7. Write a tips list.

Sometimes tips are just what the audience needs to get going with the topic. The best way to offer advice on a topic is to give a series of tips. The tips can help the audience get more out of their work, life or hobby, depending on your topic. A “Top 10 Tips for Making More Money with Network Marketing” article will attract a lot of attention.

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