5 Ways to Make Use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a very effective tool to help you grow your marketing business. If you use it properly, this networking site can help you find qualified leads and help you establish your reputation as an expert to your niche market. If you’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter or Facebook, it’s well worth your time to explore your opportunities on LinkedIn.

Search Engines Index LinkedIn Profiles

Setting up a profile on LinkedIn can help you increase your visibility online. Search engines index individual pages on this site so you can easily rank for your name and terms related to your niche. You can maximize this strategy by making sure your profile is filled out completely. Include an image or logo and a description of who you work with and how you help.

Make Connections and Increase Your Networking Circle

One of the best parts about LinkedIn is your ability to get connected with others who share your business interests and who can benefit from your niche expertise. With each connection you add, you’re opening yourself up to more connections and warm leads. It will be a lot easier to get a prospect or potential affiliate to listen to your message if you’re connected to them in some way. Your LinkedIn connections can open up a wide variety of contacts for you to work with or sell to. It’s a lot more effective than doing cold calling or cold e-mailing.

Join LinkedIn Groups to Find Even More Connections

After you set up your LinkedIn profile, look at the list of groups which are active on the site. You should be able to find one or more of them which include people who could be prospective leads for your niche products or affiliate recommendations. Don’t just join groups though! Make sure to get involved and contribute to the discussions within the group. Check out updates from your groups and stay connected.

Promote Your Business Through a Group Message

If you are launching a new product or a special promotion, don’t forget to share it with your LinkedIn contacts. This technique can also be used to share something noteworthy that you want your contacts to know about, like an award, a guest post being featured on someone else’s blog or an interview opportunity.

Show Your Expertise by Participating in LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers allows members to post questions and get answers from fellow users. Consistently providing thoughtful responses is a great way to build your business by promoting yourself as someone who is an expert.

These five ways to make use of LinkedIn can make your business life easier. Making time for LinkedIn can be a key part of your online marketing business. Don’t let it pass you by! Be sure to get on LinkedIn and get active to connect with more prospects and partners.

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