5 Ways to Be More Valuable to Your Readers

As an Internet marketer, you’re definitely interested in making money. As such, you might think that all of the content on your website or blog should be sales oriented. While this might seem like the most logical approach, it’s not the way to earn the trust of your readers. If you want to move your readers to being customers, you have to be more valuable to them.

As a valuable resource on your niche topic, your site or blog will become a respected authority. It will be a go to destination for the topic. You’ll increase your backlinks, increase your traffic and increase the trust with your readership. For example, who would you rather get medical advice from? WebMd.com or a paid membership site with a huge sales letter? WebMd.com is a free and valuable resource. Although at the end of the day you want to increase your sales, you can take a page from valuable resource sites just like this to create your own niche resource which will increase sales.

So now that you understand the importance of becoming a valuable resource, you need to make it happen. Follow these five tips to become more valuable and get more sales.

1. Update your content regularly.

It’s been said time and time again, but it deserves to be repeated. Search engines love fresh content. But in addition, people love new content. If you update your content regularly, not only will it be more likely to be ranked well by Google, but you’ll also attract new readers. Fresh content give you the opportunity to share your content on social media, which will show off your usefulness.

2. Start with Basic 101 content.

If you’re just getting started with your site, or are restructuring it, you should start with the bare basics of your topic. Think of what would be involved in a basic introduction class for the topic. What are the main points that should be covered? Developing basic content for your site will be a valuable resource for people who are just getting started.

3. Develop a list of resources.

Many marketers balk at sending their readers to other sites, but developing a list of resources and listing their URLs is a good way to be valuable to your readers. Instead of searching through hundreds of links online, they’ll be able to quickly and easily find what they need on your site.

4. Do interviews and post them on your site.

There are probably several of leaders no matter what your niche is. You can do interviews with them and post them on your site. This will be of great value to your readers who will appreciate getting insider information from experts in the field. In addition, doing interviews will get more traffic to your site from fans of the expert.

5. Create free reports and ebooks.

Free reports and ebooks help you “pre-sell” your product or service to your market, but they will also help you be a more valuable resource. If you have any topics that you need to explore in depth that you can’t do on your site, they are perfect for reports and ebooks that can be given away for free on your website.

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