5 Steps to Brand Yourself in Network Marketing

No matter what type of opportunity or business you’re involved in, there are other people out there doing it. That’s why it’s so important to brand yourself in network marketing. When people come looking for you online or want to work with you in your local community, you need to stand out from the pack. You need to show them why your solution, your opportunity and working with you is better and more important than working with someone else.

Branding is a marketing practice of creating a name that differentiates you from other people. Branding is not about drawing attention to yourself for no reason. It’s about keeping yourself current and relevant to the people that you most want to work with. It will influence other networkers to work with you as well.

By taking the time to brand yourself you’ll make it easier for people to like you, trust you and reach out to you. Here are five steps to branding yourself so you can stand out.

Step One: What do you stand for?

The network marketing company that you’re working for has something that they stand for – but you need to define what you stand for. Why are you in this business? Why do you care about helping others? What motivates you to work in your business? The heart of your marketing and how you interact with people lies in what you stand for. Once you define this, it will be a lot easier to stand out.

Step Two: Get clear on how you’re different.

This is another differentiator between yourself and others in network marketing. You are different from others – but how? Do you have an experience that makes you different? Do you have a particular approach that makes you different? Are you ultra organized? Super friendly? Extra knowledgeable? Even if you can’t think of anything that you’re especially good at, pick something and run with it! Make it your thing and you’ll be able to make an impact.

Step Three: Communicate what you stand for and how you’re different.

Once you’ve laid down the basics of your personal brand, it’s time to make sure that people know about it. One of the best ways to do this is with a personal blog. Blog about your network marketing opportunity and throw in references to what you stand for and how you’re different. Over time you’ll be able to craft a website that is uniquely you.

Step Four: Get active on social media.

There’s no better place to brand yourself than on social media. With social media, you’ll be able to connect with others on a personal and professional level and show them quickly and easily what you are about. Register profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and then get talking! Technology has made it easy to find people that you can connect with.

Step Five: Share things that fit into what you care about and how you’re interesting.

This fifth step will make it easy for you to communicate your brand through your blog and social media. Find resources and interesting content to share with others that fits into your passions. Through your sharing, people will be able to identify you and understand what you’re about.

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