3 Ways to Repurpose Content

Your internet marketing business relies on content – but content can get expensive. Whether you’re spending your own time or spending money getting content created, it’s important to make your content stretch. Fortunately, through content repurposing you can make use of your existing content in new ways. Not only does this help you save resources but it helps keep your marketing consistent. If your content is coming from the same basic sources, you can make sure your message is staying the same through all of your marketing channels.

Here are three ways that you can put content repurposing to work for you in your business.

1. Break down an ebook into several different parts for articles and presentations.

If you’ve invested time or money in getting an ebook created, it’s time to make use of that investment! One ebook can be fodder for several articles that are used for article marketing. Not only will the articles provide valuable backlinks to your website and your ebook sales page, but since they are based on the same content they will be great for pre-selling your ebook. You can then take the same articles and use them as fodder for an email marketing course that will sell your ebook. Ebooks can also be used for blog posts, reports and several other types of content. There is a lot of content there so be sure to make good use of it all!

2. Create a report from blog articles.

If you’re actively blogging for your niche, you have a lot of content to work with! You can use this content more than once in several different ways, but one of the best ways to repurpose blog content is to create a special report. The report can be used to build your email marketing list and draw attention to your authority as an expert. Select your top blog articles and then create an outline based on the blog topics. Find a way to string them all together and feel free to add more into each blog post than you originally posted. This is your chance to improve on your blog post. Once you’re done with the report, you can edit the existing blog articles on your website to suggest that the reader look to your free report for similar information.

3. Turn survey results into a series of blog articles.

Surveys aren’t often considered when it comes to creating content – but they can be an important resource to use and repurpose. If you haven’t done a survey with your list members or blog visitors, now is the time to try it! Not only will your survey give you important information about your audience’s needs, you can share the results on your blog in a series of articles. Highlight important findings from your survey. What did you find out? What was surprising to you? When you create a survey, you can reuse the responses again and again in order to make blog posts, email courses and other types of content.

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