3 Ways to Refresh Old Topics

Have you ever heard the expression that, “There is nothing new under the sun?” If you are looking for new ways to refresh old topics, you are going to have to put your Thinking Cap on and find a way to give them a different treatment so that you don’t get stuck in a rut. Consider these suggestions for keeping a topic you have dealt with in the past relevant in the present.

Update Your Topic for the Current Season or Year

If the basic premise for your niche hasn’t changed, find some way to update it to make it more current. Women’s magazines have been doing this for years. The types of stories tend to be along a few themes which have proved popular with readers.

For example, the magazine may run articles around a broader theme, such as the Holiday Season. The stories may focus on decorating techniques, preparing special meals, shopping, budgeting, etc. Each year’s stories have an element which is meant to make them timely for that particular year. When you are looking to update your own website content or blog articles, find some way to hook the reader’s interest by making it relevant to something which reflects a question or a concern they are currently dealing with.

Use a News Story to Capture Your Reader’s Interest

One way to update your content is to use current events as a lead in to whatever you would like to share with your reader. This strategy immediately makes your niche content timely and interesting, but news stories can be a great source of statistics and other pertinent information which you can use to refresh your old topics.

Sharing the results of an annual survey or discussing which person or company won an award is a great lead-in to a topic. It immediately provides your audience with something new to consider and you can follow up the first paragraph or two with some further information to flesh out the topic some more.

Find a New Angle

When you are updating your content or website, resist the urge to reinvent the wheel. If your niche topic is truly an evergreen one, use this fact to your advantage. You already have a bare bones topic to work with, but what if you considered your topic from the point of view of different age groups, men v. women, or how people living in different part of the country could relate to it?

Get Google Alert updates on specific terms that deal with your niche topic. You can get email updates and RSS feeds that have relevant results. They will give you some different ideas about how you can share information about your niche topic with your audience. Viewing other people’s content on the same topic can open up new avenues to explore with your own marketing.

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