20 Great Network-Building Tips

20 Network-Building Tips that will Help You See Money Fast.

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Here area 20 profit-producing network building tips from Thom Reece that will make your network marketing business a fast success!

1) Write down your goals. They’re your road map to success. Be specific and refer to them every day.

2) Commitment is the key to attaining your goals. Commit yourself to enrolling five first-level leaders within two weeks of starting your business. Commit yourself to enrolling a minimum of two new distributors per week for the next year. Teach your marketing team to duplicate your efforts.

3) Ask yourself “Why am I in this business?” The answers will help you define your goals.

4) Ask yourself “What do I want to achieve from my network marketing business?” How fast do I want to achieve it? Be specific and write it down.

5) Develop a marketing strategy that fits your personality. Consider all the techniques of lead generation: on-line advertising, off-line advertising, trade/consumer shows, fairs, fund raising, etc. Whatever method you choose, do it consistently. Persistence pays. Never go to bed at night without taking a minimum of five active steps to promote your business.

6) Always assume that a person WILL BE INTERESTED. To do otherwise will end up costing you a fortune. Remember that everyone is a viable prospect for either the retail product or the business opportunity, or both.

7) Be prepared to present the product or business opportunity to anyone at anytime. Always have promotional materials close at hand. Make sure that you have a minimum of three complete sets of literature in your briefcase, your purse, in your car, at your desk at work.

8) Be a “Marketing/Sales Sponge.” Soak up everything you can find on the subject of marketing, sales, promotions, and publicity, both off-line and on-line. Try to read at least one new marketing book every two weeks.

9) Emulate your successful upline leaders. Do what the successful leaders are doing. Remember that you have the same resources that the most successful upline heavy-hitter has. Be savvy enough to recognize that *you* are the one-and-only person responsible for your own success or failure.

10) Find out what advertising techniques and sources have been successful for others, and duplicate their methods.

11) Learn how to explain the compensation plan. Keep it simple, because it IS simple. Don’t waste a lot of time getting bogged down with minutia. Relate the compensation to the prospect’s personal goals.

12) Don’t take the word *NO* personally. They are not rejecting you as a person; they are rejecting the proposal that you have made. All they are really saying is “You haven’t told me enough yet.”

13) Follow Up! FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP!!! This one thing is more responsible for your success than any other element of your marketing system.

14) Let your computer organize your business. Organize your contacts, your follow-up schedule, everything about running your business. It will save you huge amounts of time, increase your productivity and help make you a fortune quickly. Use top-quality contact manager software like GoldMine Contact Manager. You’ll be able to do twice the work in half the time.

15) Realize that your home-based business can give you some serious tax advantages. Consult your tax professional about the dozens of things that are now tax deductible. Your home business is a tax benefit!

16) Maintain the highest level of business and personal ethics. Credibility and believability are built upon a foundation of high-level ethics.

17) Realize that this is a BUSINESS. Run it like you would run any other successful business, with skill, attention to detail, with aggressive marketing, with honesty.

18) Stay FOCUSED!! Put the blinders on and stay focused on building your business as fast as possible. Remember that the only people who lose at network marketing are those who quit!

19) To manage growth—manage Activity Levels. Set DAILY goals and benchmarks. Work your business DAILY!! Teach your marketing team to do the same. Meet your daily goals and your monthly and annual goals will take care of themselves automatically.

20) YOU are the only person who can keep you from succeeding in network marketing.


Copyright 2005: Thom Reece is the CEO of the Online Marketing Resource Center and developer of the premier network marketing training site on the web.

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