2 Respected Marketers + New Launch = Killer Results, Every Time

There is one thing I’ve noticed, and maybe you’ve
even noticed it too.

There are a lot of different advertising sites
being launched, but whenever it is a REALLY big
launch (meaning lots of new members and traffic),
the results are absolutely through the roof.

I particularly love to jump on these for that simple
fact… getting dozens of prospects is extremely
easy and cost-effective.

The key, though, is to act fast. The very first few
days.. well the very first couple weeks actually are
when a new advertising site with a massive launch are
insanely responsive.

I mean so responsive it can be unbelievable.

Well just this minute actually, two very respected
online marketers (Frank Salinas and Kenneth Kraakstad)
have just released an awesome new advertising site called
Traffic Bailout. The best part of this new site,
for me, is their credit based mailing system.



Can’t wait? Check it out now:


Their credit based mailer will allow you to reach
every single one of the thousands of new members
that will be pouring into this site THIS WEEK!

That is a huge FRESH audience.

Now, looking at Frank Salinas and Kenneth Kraakstad’s
history, I can also wager that even
after the initial launch this will remain a
very good resource for collecting prospects.

So this is what you should do, right now.

1 – Join the site:

>>> http://www.darrenolander.com/recommends/bailout

2 – Take the very first upgrade offer you see, as
that is the best deal and will help you start
generating leads RIGHT AWAY to take advantage of
the current growth. You want to be one of the FIRST
people to reach this huge new audience, and you
simply can’t do that without upgrading.

If you must remain free you can do well with the
site too, but you will be limited and certainly
miss out on the initial extra responsiveness
of the list because of the launch.

3 – WAIT. Well, a little… I usually wait 24
hours or so before sending my first e-mail to the
list simply so that the membership has built up some first.
Keep in mind you will be one of the very first people
to join, so the membership is yet to grow.. even though
it will be growing rapidly you will reach the most if
you wait until it gets populated from all the launch

4 – Profit! See the results pour in 🙂

Until next time,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – To constantly expand your business and
reach you NEED to be growing your advertising portfolio
constantly, add Traffic Bailout to that right now:

>>> http://www.darrenolander.com/recommends/bailout

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