How to get signups for a PENNY each

I created a video to show you how to create offers in BuildMyDownlines for others to join any website!

You can actually reward as little as one penny, or 500 credits, for each person who joins your advertised website.

Or offer more and the thousands of members will jump at the opportunity to join your downlines!

Watch the video below:

BuildMyDownlines let’s you name your price to get referrals into ANY program you want.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. You also gotta try the email advertising, the click through rates are high and so are the results!

Get LeasedAdSpace, LeadsLeap, and ReallySimpleSystem referrals with DownlineMaxx

Members of DownlineMaxx can now build referrals in LeasedAdSpace, LeadsLeap, and ReallySimpleSystem because they’ve been added to DownlineMaxx as the latest programs to buy and sell!

There are dozens of programs in total, and it is  an effective and fun way to get referrals for your favorite programs all in one place.

DownlineMaxx is also free to use:

Once you start getting referrals into DownlineMaxx they can be joining you in any of your favorite programs, and you can use MaxxPoints to get referrals from OTHER PEOPLES downlines – you can’t do that anywhere else!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. DownlineMaxx also has a very effective mailer, allowing you to send email ads to a list of active readers…

P.P.S. Is your favorite program missing from DownlineMaxx?

Contact support and let us know, the more demand there is for a program the more likely it will be added in the near future!

Low prices, massive results!

Traffic is flowing strong, and so I’ve slashed the prices for banner impressions, login ad credits, and mailing credits at my sites!

Just think about these prices:

* Banner impressions for as low as 4 cents per thousand impressions (with awesome click through rates!)
* Login ads and mailing credits that work out to less than penny views!

Check out the prices at any of the following sites by going to the Buy Credits page:

To your massive success!

Darren Olander

P.S. Not only are these priced competitively but my sites have delivered high quality views and click rates for years, so even though I am biased, I’d
have to say you would be hard pressed to find any better value for your dollars. Make sure you are advertising on all these sites!

10k Mailing Credits For Life – One Time Payment

If you love VALUE, You can now grab the most insane credit package ever on DownlineMaxx

10,000 Mailing Credits added to your account every month for a ONE-TIME payment of $97.

That means you can send your email ad out to 10,000 members each month… forever.

You are essentially getting solo ads to the list every month for just a one-time cost.

To get it, login and go to the buy credits page, you will see it in the blue box above the other packages:


Happy mailing!

Darren Olander

P.S. Email advertising rocks!

This deal is also available at Adchiever


Get Paid 3 Ways At All My Sites

I’ve just added new payout options to affiliates for all my sites.. along with PayPal, Payza is back, and you can also get paid in Bitcoin!

For over a decade, since when I started my first site – I’ve never missed paying commissions every month. Unfortunately we can’t say that for all programs, some people have an affiliate program but then they don’t pay the commissions 🙁

If you are promoting my sites, you can be confident in sharing high quality resources, get paid generously (high percentages), and reliably. My sites create RESIDUAL commissions which if you want to be making money long-term is an essential component.  You will be paid month after month after month…

View a list of my sites here.

My personal recommendation would be to promote the Prosperity Marketing System, as it will build all of your downlines, build your list, and pay you 100% commissions at the same time!

And I’m always here to listen to your feedback about how I can improve my sites to better serve you…

I’m here for the long-haul, and I hope you are too!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Get paid your earnings through PayPal, Payza, or Bitcoin at these sites. I appreciate your support!


Promote Your Own Or Others Offers For Easy Referrals

I’m excited to share news about BuildMyDownlines that will turbocharge your offers and help you get massive amounts of referrals and potentially commissions!

There is now an affiliate link under the affiliate tools area that promotes a splash page displaying a random cash offer each time, users will need to register an account first if they are not a member of BuildMyDownlines… and therefore joining under you.


Click to see it in a new window

If you are placing cash offers within BuildMyDownlines to get users to join the program you are advertising then now you will have affiliates promoting it for you!

But we didn’t stop there, now whenever you create an offer you will see a link icon next to it under your advertised offers and you can grab your unique link to promote that specific offer!


This means you have a custom splash page for EVERY single offer you create in BuildMyDownlines, this is incredibly powerful to get visitors outside of BuildMyDownlines to see your offers and join them, while also joining BuildMyDownlines as your referral. The potential is HUGE!

Go to BuildMyDownlines now and take advantage of this opportunity!

Free Facebook Add-on Will Save You Hours Growing Your Page

In this video I demonstrate the use of the free invite all browser add-on for facebook which mass invites users who already liked your posts, instead of you having to manually invite each one.

Invite All Chrome extension link:

Get Viral Autobots software and training:

What do you think of this tool, are you now using it to help grow a facebook page? Let me know in the comments!

A couple notes..

  1. This tool is only for the chrome browser, there is no versions for other browsers available.
  2. Whenever facebook makes updates, which can be frequent, it has broken the add-on, so it may or may not keep working.. the guys at Viral Autobots have been pretty good at fixing it when it does break due to a facebook update.

Introducing Program Threads

I’ve just opened up a new forum section at Marketing Checkpoint and it only allows for one thread per program, ever.

Whoever posts the first topic for a program is allowed to put their affiliate link, nobody else, and future topics can not be created for the same program.

Will you be first to post your favorite programs?

Sign in or register and then go to the Program Threads section:


To your success

Darren Olander

P.S. You will get free exposure to YOUR affiliate link to everyone, forever, for a program, you just need to post it first before someone else does!

What? I Don’t Hear You!

At least some of your visitors are definitely muting your website.

In the video below I show you how they are likely doing it (you can too for free, if you want), and what you should be doing about it as an advertiser.

As promised, here is a list of other must-have browser extensions!

  1. Alexa Toolbar – This free extension will give you site rankings so you can see roughly how popular websites are. The lower the number, the more popular. It’s a great way to gauge where your advertising may get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Roboform – Never lose your passwords again, and make sure they are all secure and unique. One-click logins are awesome!
  3. VMP’s Ultisend – I use this to send to a large amount of the mailers (safelists) I use and to keep track of when it’s time to mail, so I don’t miss any mailings.
  4. DLB Caddy – This extension from Troy Wray will easily import and remember all of your affiliate IDs so you can with a click of a button fill out your IDs within Downline Builders. No more manually submitting your downline builder IDs – wow!


Also, join the discussion about Muting on Marketing Checkpoint and answer the poll – we want to know how many people are muting their sound!

Ready to Go List Building Funnels and Income Generating System

I’ve just completed a new training tutorial showing the importance of autoresponders, building your list, and how they can seamlessly integrate into the Prosperity Marketing System (specifically GetResponse) to build your list.

Using the ready-to-go funnels in the Prosperity Marketing System along with GetResponse is an easy and quick way to start building your list… plus it’s structured to make you money quickly as you refer others.

My core efforts have always been to build my list through my advertising.. and it has paid off!