The value of credits just went way up!

I’ve always strived to keep my email advertising sites as responsive and efficient as possible, however we discovered an issue recently with members who have never read mails from being filtered out from receiving mails.

We’ve adjusted this so you may have noticed a drastic reduction in list sizes across my mailers – this is a good thing!

Instead of showing a highly inflated list count and having you waste credits on sending to users we know will never open or read your email ad, we are having you spend your valuable credits ONLY on those we know have a high chance of reading your email ad.

This means you can spend less time trying to earn credits in order to reach the full list, and the credits you spend will give you greater results.

I believe this makes us stand out in a huge way in this industry and you should now start seeing it reflected in your click through rates.

Check out my email advertising sites and claim your reward code for this month if you haven’t already.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Many sites promise big lists and actually give you very little results. We do the opposite and run some of the most responsive and active mailers in the industry!

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  • Thank you so much for this Darrne
    – as always much appreciated

  • thank you Darren for the update and list of your mailers.
    I belong to three of them so will be paying more attention
    to my advertising there.

    Clean mailers deserve action.

  • That was a great step towards perfection Darren. Keep up the good work. Your mailers are indeed great! I love BuildMyDownlines!

  • Hi Darren
    It’s good to work with a clean list that will deliver better results as well. But I also notice some other subtle improvements.


  • This is great news. Much appreciated!

  • Thank you, Daren, it helps to have a responsive list. Your site continues to get me sign ups to my list.


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