Not My Pal (important for your commissions!)

Should you support a company that has left half of your industry in rubble?

I think not. My sites are now PayPal free – that means we don’t accept PayPal and we are not paying out commissions in PayPal either.

But commissions WILL be paid as always. I just need you to update your preference to either Payza or Bitcoin.

For a list of my sites go here

And just make sure to update your payment preference.

Because PayPal is not our Pal.

To your massive success and moving on!

Darren Olander

P.S. I’m here to stay and I hope you are too… We have a great future together! If you have any question at all feel free to contact me


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  • I got the axe too… I was with ‘pal’ for 10 years… then they decided to part ways with me…
    It sucks that they used our niches to grow their business over all of these years… only to cut our throats, we have done nothing wrong.

    • Sorry to hear that Steve. Yea I was with them well over 10 years too, so that is not a consideration of theirs.


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