Your Duty as a Sponsor

Your Duty as a Sponsor…Do you spend all your time looking for new prospects? What about your current downline members: Do you know how they are doing? Today we would like to look at the importance of being a good sponsor and offer some friendly advice on how to be of more help to your team.

Although new prospects are a very important part of your GDI business opportunity, current downline members are every bit as important. After all, these people have already placed their trust in you and GDI. They deserve the best guidance and support you can give them. Eager new recruits will quickly become frustrated if they feel their sponsor has abandoned them. Do not let your team have this feeling. Take time to communicate with your downline, and you will find it beneficial for everyone. The better sponsor you are, the more your GDI business will grow!

So how can you improve your sponsoring skills? Here are some often neglected or forgotten areas to concentrate on:

Motivate: Starting out can be tough. Do what you can to help your team. Listen to them. You can encourage them by using the downline move feature to place new signups under those who may lack experience or confidence. Some people are slow to start, but with a little help, those same team members may become valuable assets to you.

Share with Your Downline: If you have good, sincere advice or a marketing method that is working well for you, share it. Train your downline to duplicate what works well for you. The “Contact Downline” feature is a great way to keep in touch with your direct downline members. Teaching your downline will help ensure their success and benefit you all financially.

Be Available: Make time for your downline. Answer their questions. Be warm and sincere, and never degrade or ignore them. If you don’t know an answer, ask your upline (clearly visible from within your account) or our own Support department. Good communication can make the difference between a growing or dwindling downline.

Know GDI’s Products and Services: How can you sponsor anyone in GDI without knowing our products and services yourself? The best way to learn is by actively using your domain to build a site and creating email addresses based on your domain name. We really do offer a great package of products and services for a very low price, but there is no value in them if you only focus on the affiliate program. Build a site you can show everyone and use your new .WS email address for everything. If you’re not using the products and services, why should those below you? Lead by example.

Contact Your Upline: Ask your upline for good pointers you can pass along to your team. Lots of people have great ideas. Get people to share them, and then share alike!

Be Confident: Confidence in your ability as well as GDI’s products and services is infectious. Your confidence will spread to your downline, instilling confidence in them. If you lack a feeling of confidence, practice the previously mentioned pointers to change that. As always, we are here for YOU.
Use these suggestions to improve your communication. Make people in your downline feel like they are part of a team with a sponsor who cares. Ensure your referrals know they have not only a sponsor, but an honorable leader. The only cost to you is a little time and effort, but what you stand to earn in return is much more valuable. So have a great day, and make sure your downline team does too!

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