Whats New At GDI?


Did you know a lot has been going on behind the scenes at GDI? I’m proud to
be a part of an organization that continually works hard to improve on
what they have. After 7 years in business GDI is continually adding more..

GDI has now created a new automated phone follow-up system. When you
receive a prospect from one of the 6 GDI lead capture pages (look in GRIN)
and if your prospect enteres their phone number then GDI will automatically
follow-up with them via phone & e-mail for YOU! I have to say that it works
quite impressively!

Also there is now a new members orientation video! I have also updated
step 1.2 in the GRIN training to reflect this. You can view the video by
going to http://website.ws/username/welcome   – Remember to replace
username with your GDI username (NOT GRIN username). So in my case
the link shows as http://website.ws/getrichideas/welcome

I will always keep you up to date on the latest developments!

Darren Olander
GRIN Founder

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