What You Need to Know About Video in 2012

Are you wondering about using video in your marketing efforts? Here’s what you need to know about video in 2012 and how it can benefit your business.

Adding Video Can Improve Your Site Ranking

Google’s algorithm changes have affected many online businesses in 2011. While these updates were meant to improve the user’s experience, they resulted in loss of traffic (and lost revenue) in many cases. The Big 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) are now giving higher rankings to websites which include video content.

If you want your site to rank well, you simply cannot afford to ignore adding this medium to your online offerings. Doing so can help you increase your traffic and page views dramatically.

Internet Users Like Watching Videos

Another good reason for adding videos to your website is that some people prefer to watch a video rather than scroll through one or more pages of text on your site. Offering information in a video format is an easy way to convey your message to your site visitors and to keep them on your website longer. If you’re looking for ways to make your site sticky, you will definitely want to consider adding one or a series of videos to your site.

Internet Users are More Likely to Share Videos

Not only can adding video to your site make your own site sticky, but people who view the videos are more likely to share them with other people they know. Think of this as a promotional tool for your business. You can add tags with keywords to the video as well, which gives you another opportunity for content that search engine crawlers can index.

Videos Will Increase in Popularity

The online video market is a growing one, and this medium will be featured in approximately 30% of all online ads within the next five years, according to Borrell & Associates. If your goal is to catch the wave of video marketing as it is building instead of after it has already crested, you’ll want to start adding videos to your site in 2012 and continue this strategy going forward.

Not only is using videos on your site an effective way for you to share information with your site visitors and potential buyers, but you will be establishing yourself and your business as one which is a forward thinker and in step with the times. As a marketer, can you really afford to miss out on any opportunity to interact with the potential buyer? You really can’t, and you owe to yourself and your business to present information in a way that buyers will find appealing.

What you need to know about video in 2012 is that this medium is not going away and that it is set to grow exponentially. You need to plan to add it to your website now so that you can catch the wave and ride it to online business success!

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