What are the best advertising sources?

What really are the best viral mailers and traffic exchanges you should be using now?

Well, you can ask many people and they’d likely give you different opinions, because results and preferences vary… but listening to the advice of people who consistently use them day in and day out is an excellent starting point.

Sean Supplee has released a new ranking system today which shows what he thinks are the best, and over the coming weeks it will be refined based on unique visitors, conversion rates and sales rates.

Check it out here, it’s free!

==> http://darrenapproved.com/recommends/rapiddownline

In addition to helping you find quality advertising, it also works as a downline builder, meaning if you refer people to Rapid Downline then those referrals can be joining YOU in any of the sites that are ranked or recommended!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Spending your time where it counts is important – are the sites you spend your most time advertising at listed here?

==> http://darrenapproved.com/recommends/rapiddownline

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