We forgive you

List Jumper (co-owned between Matt Koshko and I) is a responsive mailer with a unique and very rewarding One-A-Day bonus system.

What this means is, if you read one mail per day without missing a day, your consecutive day count keeps increasing, and the higher that count gets the more and greater free rewards you get in the form of even more advertising… bonus login ads, premium ads, and mailing credits!

One of our members has read 714 days in a row without missing a day, but if she did miss a day she would be set back to day 0. Ouch!

Well now, we’ve released what are called Forgives.

It’s like an insurance policy for your one-a-day streak, so if you’ve purchased a forgive (for just 500 credits) ahead of time, and you ever miss a day then you are forgiven for that day and continue your progress as normal!

Make sure you have one, or two, or even more forgives in your account now.. and challenge yourself to see how high you can go!

==> http://www.listjumper.com

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. List Jumper has thousands of members ready to receive your email ads! Claim reward code: NEWJUMPER after you join to get 300 bonus credits just for reading your first 10 mails!

P.P.S. Upgrade to instantly jump to the top of the line and have reach to all members after you!

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