Watch out for this one…

For the last two weeks I’ve been testing out a new viral list builder callled List Bonus.

I’ve also talked with one of the owners…

My conclusion?

The click rates I have received on my ads have been awesome, among the highest in our industry.

The list has been growing quite well since they silently opened the doors.

This proves to me they have what it takes to create a large responsive list…

List Bonus has the potential to become one of the leading viral list builders online.

But don’t wait for that moment, results can be had NOW…

Get your ads seen:

=> List Bonus

But, I have even better news! The owners have agreed to let anyone who joins under my link double the amount of normal credits on signup.

Usually they only give out 1500 credits, so you can get 2xs as much targeted email advertising if you sign up today.

That’s not all List Bonus has to offer:

• a full scale, integrated, internet marketing training center (look at the one-time-offer carefully for this! Tons of value at a crazy reduced price)

• Tons of in-site advertising that you can use to sky-rocket your success

Secure your 3,000 mailing credits now:

=> List Bonus


Darren Olander

P.S. Be sure to check out the one-time-offers – I have never seen anyone give away a full year membership to a top notch internet marketing training center for such a crazy price.

So hey, if you want to drive tons of extra traffic to your site in the next 5 minutes, sign up now:

=> List Bonus

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