Training: Why You Should NOT Promote Your Website!

Training: Why You Should NOT Promote Your Website!
by Darren Olander

What a subject right? Not promoting your website.. isn’t that counter-productive?

Well, I’m not necessarily telling you not to promote your website.. i’m going to tell you what should be in place to get what you want – RESULTS.

The first thing to cover is the fact that many people make the mistake of advertising a company (with their referral url) that simply leads to a long sales page or website. The visitors to this site only have one option – and that is to buy. What if these visitors decide not to buy? You’ve lost them forever!!! Shouldn’t you be able to capture their information and follow-up with them – or invite them to look at something else? You can, but NOT if you are promoting the main company website that simply leads to that sales page. Get the picture?

Here’s a little statistics.. TARGETED visitors sent directly to a sales page or general website will convert on the high end of 2-3%. TARGETED visitors sent directly to a lead capture page or free website will convert on the high end of 40-60%. (depends on the quality of the visitors) But still… look at that HUGE difference. If you are not promoting a lead capture page or free website.. you are making a HUGE mistake, and you are LOSING money.

So how can you do this? Well you have options, which is good. You could get your own autoresponder, your own hosting, your own domain, and set-up a website – lead capture page (where the visitors are sent to a page to enter their name and e-mail address) or somewhere to sign up for free. BUT that takes knowledge and a lot of experience. Are you experienced at copywriting? Succesful web copy is known to increase conversion rates up to 600%! Are you experienced at web design? The attractiveness and functionality of a website directly influence your profit. Are you technically advantaged? So there has to be an option that people with NO knowledge can use, right?


There are SYSTEMS. In future training I will cover more on what a system is and what it should be like.. but the fact is.. nobody receives MAJOR success without the use of a system.

I have created a system that you can use for FREE to capture leads, follow-up with them, and bring them into ANY business. On top of that, your members are trained and instructed from the system – so less work on your end! The name of this system is GRIN Team and is located at – the site has PROFESSIONAL web copy, the graphics were done by a PROFESSIONAL graphic artist, and the state-of-the-art software used is also used by the top internet marketers online today. It would cost you thousands of dollars to create a system like this on your own.. but I am allowing anyone to use it for free.

Anyway I hope this post doesn’t sound like “selling” as it is meant to be more INSTRUCTIONAL than anything. Marketing correctly and efficiently will bring you RESULTS and that is what you want, right?

The basic strategy is this:

1) Send visitors to a lead capture page or FREE website.
2) Follow-up with them and build a CONNECTION. <-- Relationship building 3) Have them follow the same system you are and invite them to check out your businesses or set-up their system the same way you have yours - tell them their WIIFM - What's In It For Me? 4) Repeat Repeat Repeat I hope this post will help you greatly in your quest to success! Darren Olander Network Marketing Coach & Mentor

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