Training: What… Or should I say WHO are you selling?

Training: What… Or should I say WHO are you selling?
by Darren Olander

The amazing thing about sales or opportunities is the fact that whether you are successful or not is up to YOU. Every decision you make and the way you present yourself directly effect your income.

Network Marketing is taking a wild turn and you must change with the times. Have you noticed all of the new Social Networking sites being launched every single day? Of course there is Myspace, Facebook… on the more business side of things there are now gibLink, DirectMatches, AdLandPro, and many more. What you do in these environments is NOT the same as regular advertising and promotion.

The point I am getting at here is that people buy or join people who they trust and like. Your focus should not be on the product or business, but on YOU. Why should they join you and not someone else? What do YOU have to offer them? After that comes YOU endorsing a successful product or business – not just somebody hyping up a product or businesss opportunity.

This is an example of part of an e-mail I received just a couple days ago from someone I have worked with for a while…

…I saw this from a couple other people and happened to look for your name…I know you are a helpful upline..”

They SEEKED ME OUT and SEARCHED for ME, they didn’t just join under anyone promoting the business but they knew me and how I was a helpful upline and they see that as important enough to join me instead.

When I read something like that or the many “thank you!” e-mail messages I receive on a daily basis I know I am doing something right!

Do you want to build a reputation like that?

I will tell you how.

1) Always remember that YOU just may be the deciding factor of whether they decide to join or not – they can always decide to join someone else!
2) Whenever someone joins your organization – write them a PERSONAL e-mail inviting them and reassuring them that you can answer any questions they have – or at least find the answer for them.
3) Build solid relationships with your team and downlines – go out of your way to help them and above and beyond their expectations of you.
4) In social networking environments such as gibLink, DirectMatches, etc. – put the RELATIONSHIPS first and DO NOT send people messages just promoting your businesses or products – people do not buy from people who only care about making a sale. Make them want to work with you first. A good idea is not to even mention your business – just put a link or short message about it in your signature. If they ask for help of course you will tell them!

Off the top of my head this is what I was able to come up with today – I hope this post was helpful. Remember that people are getting smarter and smarter – they do not want to be sold to, be genuine and honest with all of your prospects.

In closing: You are selling yourself first – Not Your Product!

To your success,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Coach & Mentor

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