Training: How To Invite gibLink Members To Your Network

Training: How To Invite gibLink Members To Your Network
by Darren Olander
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Welcome! Once you have the rough sketch of your profile set-up like we did yesterday… you need to invite contacts to your network. As you do this peope will view your profile and possibly even join your business! Do not try to get these contacts to join your business immediately though.. you want to build a RELATIONSHIP first. Why? Well what would your reaction be if someone asked you to join their giblink network and then they started pitching you with another business opportunity or program to join? It’s not cool, right? So just build relationships and let those relationships flourish because in the future they will be happy to partner and work with you.. plus they are already exposed to your business through your SIGNATURE, and PROFILE. Make sure to use those ALWAYS.

Ok so why should you invite members to your network (contacts/friends)? Because this is where you get MAJOR exposure. The more friends/contacts you have.. THE BETTER! That’s right.. I would add anyone who wants to be your contact because they could be a future prospect or business partner. This is a good point.. because whenever you create a new classified ad, group, or event, you can invite your network to view it! So if your network is hundreds or even thousands of contacts.. imagine the exposure you will get! A LOT! So add everyone you can to your contacts – or on gibLink to your network.

Now I will teach you how to do this.

As logged into the gibLink community, click on “search”. right now we don’t need to search for a specific member so leave the first parts blank. Make sure “giblinked” is set to everyone. Distance should be anywhere. Now to add ACTIVE members to your contacts you will want to check the box next to “only online” once you are done click search.

Now you see a list of people! These are all people online now in the gibLink community! There is a link on each one that says “Add to Network” click on that and you will be able to add that person to your network (contacts/friends). So I can show you click on that for one person. Now a new page is opened and there is a message block. Type in a short message to this person – it can look like this.

“Hi! I saw you logged in and decided to add you as a friend. I look forward to getting to know you and speaking to you.

Your Name
Your Website Address” <---- Always remember your signature! Now click submit, this person will have to either accept or decline your offer. Do this regularily and always add new people to your network! In further training I will show you how to maximize on this! Until then, Darren Olander Network Marketing Coach & Mentor Are you giblinked? Join today at

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