Traffic Building – Why More is Not Always Better

What some new internet marketers fail to realize is that targeted traffic is the key to success. What I mean by targeted traffic does not necessarily come under the normal expectations of normal visitors viewing you website or landing page. Targeted traffic is defined by real human visitors that already have an interest in the niche you are promoting. That is what targeted traffic really is about. That is where the key of success lies.

It holds the very same application to the real world and advertising schemes for example, a real estate agent sends out advertising brochures to several houses, from these brochures, certain individuals who are interested in purchasing property will then respond to these brochures. Those individuals who already have an interest in your niche would be considered as ‘targeted’ individuals thus establishing the importance of targeted traffic.

There have been several changes to this new world of internet marketing whereby individuals are exposed to new systems in order to increase ones website’s page ranking. The only issue in this comes in the fact that bots, scripts and software are developed in order to automatically generate traffic to a particular website. You have to be very careful when thinking about buying from anyone who is promising guaranteed visitors. The reason behind that is due to the ability to switch proxy servers and IP addresses, fake traffic can be generated easily hence you will be paying for fake traffic and not targeted visitors. This is a scam many new internet marketers fall into, so be aware and do not be one of the victims.

There are several methods for which you can drive targeted traffic to your website. Of course, advertising skills and techniques are required for absolute effectiveness. The initial forms of driving traffic may be through buying advertising spots on Google through their advertising campaigns called “AdWords”. This is done through the targeting of keywords to promote your website. Other search engines offer this form of advertising campaigns as well however it all comes down to how much you are willing to pay for the keywords.

Another form of increasing targeted traffic is by working on your website’s Search Engine Optimization. The better the website’s SEO, the higher the page rank it will be for particular keywords for example if your website sells video games and it is focused on the keyword ‘gaming’, whoever types the keyword ‘gaming’ into the web browser will find your website’s rank high in the search results. These forms of advertising marketing skills have proven to be one of the best methods to generate quality targeted traffic as your website will be opened to individuals who already hold an interest in your niche.

There are other methods to generate traffic such as subscribing to Paid Per Click Campaigns, whereby you are opened to a huge network of people willing to view advertisements for some payment in return. PPC Campaigns could be beneficial to you however the probability of a good conversion rate may be low as the audience you are advertising to intend to make money and not spend it hence being assigned to viewing advertisements for money in return.

There are dozens of other ways to generate traffic online… from article marketing, traffic exchanges, safelists or viral list builders, social networking, and much more, but the lesson to learn here is that your message must match the desires of that market in order for it to be targeted traffic. If it’s not targeted you will not get the results you desire.

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