Top 4 Reasons You Need a Blog

Don’t have a blog? You need one now. What has been holding you back for so long? Blogging is one of the best ways to put the power of Internet marketing to use for you. There are several benefits that you can get by making a blog either a part of your current Internet marketing plan. Here they are.

1. Traffic.

Without traffic, you don’t have a business. Blogs are excellent traffic grabbers. Since they are updated frequently, the search engines crawl them frequently – which leads to better search engine rankings. With all of the changes that have been going on with Google Instant and other tweaks that have been going on lately with the Google algorithm it’s more important than ever to appear in the first page of search results. With consistent blogging and expert keyword research you can achieve these results.

2. Exposure.

Blogs are perfect for getting more exposure in your niche. Let’s face it – if you’re working in a profitable niche chances are you have at least some competition. Competition isn’t always a bad thing, but it can make getting the exposure you need to become a trusted niche expert a bit more difficult. Using a blog can help you get the exposure that you need when it counts. You’ll be able to stand out in the crowd and make your mark, which can make all the difference in your level of success.

3. Audience retention.

If someone comes to your informational website and reads what you’ve got, it’s not very likely that they’ll come back. However, if you post that same information on a blog, you’ll be getting repeat readers. Fans of your blog will use an RSS subscription to stay up to date with your new content. This is a much better way to retain your audience than posting your new content on a standard website. Your blog provides a much better interactive experience, so people keep coming back. It’s often said that it takes seven exposures for people to make a buying decision – so blogs put you in a better range for good results.

4. Social media integration.

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your core audience and build the relationships that are so important to your sales rates. When you combine social media with your blogging platform, it gets even more promising. Blogs and social media go hand in hand. No matter what type of blogging platform you’re using, you can find tools that will connect your blog with social media. Your readers can instantly Tweet, send a Facebook status update or vote for you on social networks. This helps your content spread like a virus through your readers and their contacts. It’s one of the best ways to get new traffic and new fans! Since social media is so important, it makes sense to connect your blog with your social media.

There are dozens of other reasons why you should be blogging – these are just a few to get you motivated. Get started today with your own blog and you’ll start to see the results.

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