Three bio box strategies for increased traffic

The benefits of article marketing are well known. By simply writing and submitting articles on your niche topic, you can have an influx of traffic from one of the many article directories available online. Best of all – it’s free!

However the key to successful article marketing is making sure that your reader knows where to find out more information about the topic.

The bio box, sometimes called the resource box, appears at the end of the article and allows you to direct readers back to your website. If you’re new to article marketing, or are having trouble generating traffic from your article marketing, here are three different strategies you can use to make the most out of your bio box.

Strategy #1: Let the reader know about a free resource.

One of the best ways to get traffic from an article directory back to your site is to give the reader an “ethical bribe.” When someone is reading an article they have to be really motivated in order to click from the article directory to your site. You can make this decision easier for them by offering them a reward for going to your site. You should already be offering a free report, e-book or an e-course available on your website in order to build your list. You can use the bio box in your article marketing in order to advertise this free offer. For example:

“Get your free report “the Top Seven Short Sale Mistakes to Avoid” by visiting”

Strategy #2: Invite them to contribute their own ideas.

There’s no better way to get someone motivated to take an action then to get them involved directly. By asking the question in your bio box you can get them thinking. This works particularly well if you have an article that is a bit controversial in nature. Once you’re done making your argument for your point of view you can invite the reader to share their own opinion by clicking on the link back to your site. This type of bio box is appropriate for articles that are promoting your blog. For example:

“What do you think of the way the medical system is going? Voice your opinion at…

Strategy #3: Let them know there is more information available at your site.

One of the keys to successful article marketing is only giving part of the story in your article. This means that if you’re describing a process or discussing a solution you should leave the bulk of the helpful information on your site rather than printed in the article. While you can’t pick part one of an article in an article directory and part two on your website, you can make your article a brief overview of the topic. If you do this you can then tell audience in the bio box that a more complete overview is available back at your website. For example:

“For a more in-depth how-to guide on patio repair, please visit …

Any of these methods will help you make the most out of your bio box and will get you more traffic back to your main website.

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