This just makes sense…

Today I’m excited to share something
with you that just officially launched,
and you can fit into your marketing
today, to get better results.

What if you could post in one place
and it would instantly post that
same thing on 40 other social media

Soon you will be able to.

Jane Mark and Phil Basten have done it,
and it just makes sense.

Right now when you post on Sokule (their
new site), it will instantly post
on Twitter as well – no need to login
to each site to post the same thing…

Sokule is Twitter for online marketers.
Sokule, unlike Twitter, is monetized.

This is going to be huge,
and you’ve heard it from me.

Get it now:

The amazing thing I’m seeing here with Sokule
is it is providing an incredible amount of
features (unlike Twitter that relies on 3rd
party developers alone.)

You get more.. it just makes sense:

You will be “tracking” me (same as following) as
soon as you join – so I’ll see you there!

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – In only a week I’m launching a system
called the Prosperity Marketing System – keep an
eye out for it on the 24th – It will help you
explode your business out of control!


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