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Principles of Success: The Law of Increasing Returns

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It’s been awhile since you’ve seen a newsletter. We decided to discontinue them in December as we felt the value they brought to you was being diminished by the frequency of them. On the flip side, we think it’s important to stay in touch with our customers. So we’re going to start back up with the newsletters. This time around however, we will be doing them monthly instead of weekly. We would love to hear your thoughts on this change. Do you think once per month is ideal? Would you prefer to get them more often? Would your prefer to not get them at all? Send us a reply and let us know!

Feature Article:

We want to elaborate on the benefits of doing more than is expected of you, and also examine another principle of success that can add tremendous value to your business and your life in general.

Just today, we received a card in the mail from an affiliate. It had no readily apparent purpose other than to thank our staff for the opportunity that Global Domains International is providing to affiliates world-wide.

We’d like to believe that the affiliate sending the card read the article last week and decided to begin trying the principle of “going the extra mile” out for himself by sending cards of appreciation to those people whose business relationships he values.

However, more than likely, he’s discovered either through learning or through his own experience in business how to be more savvy than the average affiliate. For instance, he has probably learned that by standing out from the thousands of other affiliates we do business with and getting his name in front of our staff, in print, he’ll earn a favorable standing with them.

He probably knows that the next time he emails the Support Department for help in solving a problem, his question or concern will be handled with priority. There’s no written law or rule in our customer service manual that suggests we will treat people differently when they “go the extra mile”, but our staff are all human, subject to the same rules and laws that govern us all.

When someone goes the extra mile, someone else almost always takes notice.

When someone does something for us, no matter how seemingly insignificant it would seem to someone who does not understand the laws that govern all relationships, business and otherwise, it sets something in motion that cannot be absolutely defined or measured. The effects and benefits of going out of your way to be above “the norm” by doing more than what is expected of you are not always immediately clear.

Although there is no proven scientific formula for measuring the benefit of making your relationships with everyone you come into contact with more pleasant and beneficial to the other party, we can say from our years of business experience that it is always beneficial in some way, and at some time in the future.

Even if the only thing you get out of it is the personal satisfaction you feel from having done something beneficial for someone else, it’s well worth the time and energy you’ll expend. More often than not, the benefit will be much greater, even if it’s months or years down the road and the exact benefit you need comes at a time when you need it most.

The Law of Increasing Returns plays a major role in all businesses, and in your personal relationships. This law, simply stated in our own words, means that everything you do has an impact that you’ll often feel later down the road of life, and in increasing quantity.

For example, when you do harm to a personal relationship by lying, saying things you don’t mean, or by cheating someone, the effect of the action you choose to take will most likely impact you negatively in the future, in a quantity of harm far exceeding the harm you originally caused.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you go out of you way to do things for other people, that good you’ve done is also returned in kind. Although you cannot determine how or when “going the extra mile” will pay off for you, it ALWAYS does pay off for you. It can do you no harm.

In terms of business, consider this profound example. If a small group of research doctors were to spend YEARS and MILLIONS of dollars, with each of them going the extra mile every minute of every day, and pouring their life savings into successfully developing a new drug that could cure an epidemic, do you think at some time in the future, it would pay of grandly for them?

What about software developers, such as Microsoft, who pour millions of dollars and hours into developing software? When they finally start selling it and profiting BILLIONS, it’s only costing them pennies per disk, isn’t it? That’s a great explanation we’ve found of the Law of Increasing Returns, and it all starts with “going the extra mile”.

The reason the last two articles have strongly focused on this principle of success is because it’s the ONE THING that every one of our affiliates can start doing now to increase their business success. Regardless of your nationality, your sex, your religion, your education level or what any of your other beliefs are, if you begin taking more care in developing and carefully nurturing your relationships with everyone you meet, you will benefit from it. If you make this a personal habit with everyone you come into contact with, you’ll see the business benefit of it in very short order.

In network marketing, the easiest way to increase your results fast is to examine yourself and to change for the better those parts of your personality that may be unpleasing to others. We are in a people business. If you display the personality of someone who cannot be trusted and depended on, or who will trample on others instead of helping to lift them up, you’ll have difficulty in building an organization of any size, much less a substantial one.

If you want something that will benefit you in terms of money, health, and happiness, go the extra mile in being pleasant towards everyone you communicate with. Smile as you’re talking on the phone or writing your next email.

Be sincere, be honest and be fun.

These things make you an attractive person. When a person is “attractive”, it means they attract people. When you’re building a network marketing organization, that’s exactly what you want, right?

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