The explanation like I promised, worth a double look… (best of 2008)

Last night at about 9:30 pm I let everyone know about a brand new company launch called Travelencia… it is still less than 24 hours of being launched into pre-launch. I said in that e-mail that I would explain myself for recommending this incredible program so soon after recommending yet another great program, here goes!

If you know me I pride myself on recommending the ultimate best programs or services in the industry. Recently I was forced with a dilemma. Several weeks ago I was approached about two separate programs, I took a look at both and honestly I could not believe me eyes. The pay plans of these two companies are the top two I’ve EVER seen… they both offer matching bonuses on several generations, fast start bonuses on several generations, forced matrixes (which never fail to attract the masses), and so much more. The generation bonuses have never been done before… which is why I was so amazed that both of these brand new programs are using it.

Ok so these pay plans are amazing, but they could not possibly be backed by products that are in high demand and that people will love to use and recommend, right? I was in shock and awe again… one program is revolutionizing the travel niche by offering travel financing and 20-50% savings on absolutely anything to do with travel.. all for only a LOW monthly fee, the other program is offering a new type of skin care product… but not just any skin care product… one that shows just by its ingredients that it blows anything else out of the water.

Thirdly, I was introduced to both of these programs from separate online “power” marketers who are known and respected online. We are first in these programs… with an immediate upline that is bringing in floods of members… NOW. By joining me in one of these, or even both… you are guaranteed a highly valuable position in the forced matrix… and you can actually earn an income without sponsoring anyone (But I don’t like to promise that… so don’t join with that intention). Not only will my upline be bringing in tons of people, I will be building these long-term to create a valuable and stable long-term income! That means I’m NOT just sending this out and then sitting around or moving on. Why would I with such powerful pay plans anyway? Both of these are being added to my marketing permanently.

Back to my dilemma… Well you can probably see the picture now. I thought… “Wow… I have a big decision to make!” They are both programs that are phenomenal and will be widely successful, but I can’t realistically promote them both now, can I? The truth is most people shouldn’t until they have built a foundation because it is easy to lose focus.

Fortunately, I can, I have a plan! The benefit with this is that it provides you with two great choices. You can have the benefits of being on my team with great team support and a rapidly growing team by choosing either one that YOU see fits YOU best.

This is what I need you to do. Take a look at both, then decide which product YOU love most… travel or skin care? Upgrade and join that program, write me letting me know you joined so I can help you get started, and begin spreading the word to everyone you know. This will be growing rapidly especially right now, so get in fast… quick decisions with these type of things earn the highest reward.

Take a look now:

1) – Travelencia (highly recommended, gigantic market, best pay plan, less than 24 hours in pre-launch)


2) – Rejuvenate Worldwide Tour Link (huge market, pay plan very similar to travelencia)

Both of these programs are top notch with the two best pay plans I’ve ever seen in the industry, both products are in high demand with the largest markets in the world, and they are both founded by reliable people so they will both last long term in order to help you create a lasting long-term business. So make your decision now on which program you are most excited about, and join our powerful team and receive 100% team support to help you reach your goals!

Your friend,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

P.S. – If you join Travelencia make sure to join at the $49.95/month level so that you qualify for matching bonuses.. this is important for your income potential!

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