The Buzz is Coming…

A swarm of highly effective advertising is
about to be unleashed.

Its called Buzz Bee Advertising and its
operated by the Earners Unite Group which
consists of thousands of active members.

Buzz Bee Advertising is only in pre-launch
right now, and it is shaping up to be
a pretty large launch.

Get in before the buzz gets louder:

That will put you on the notification
list so you can get in EARLY before
the launch.

Here’s a “sneak peek.”

* 2 Tier Affiliate Commissions… NEW!
* 2 Tier Advertising Commissions… NEW!
* Cash For Any Level Referrals
* Mailer Set Every Few Day To Members
* 24hr Login Ads
* Banners
* Text Links
* Text Ads On Most Pages
* Banner Exchange… NEW AND UNIQUE!
* Back link Builder… NEW AND UNIQUE!
* Traffic Exchange… NEW AND UNIQUE!
* Chat Program
* Twitter Follower Program… NEW AND UNIQUE!
* Solo Mailer To The Entire Membership Base
* BONUS Cash With Some Solos Up To $1 Per Mail Read

It’s always more profitable to be the one
helping create the buzz… so get in now and
get the opportunity to share it with others before
everyone else is telling you about it.

From what I’ve seen so far this will be a highly
effective advertising resource that you need
to be using to grow your business.

Join the hive!

To your success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

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