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Today I have the pleasure of sharing a new email advertising site launched by my friend, Gary Russeau.

Gary is someone who has been an active affiliate of my sites for years and it has been encouraging to work with him and see  his commitment in building a business online.

He has now come to the point where he is finally ready to own a site of his own, I say “ready” because I confidently believe he has what it takes to create an actively growing list that we all can advertise and count on to get RESULTS.

You’ve heard it from me, and you’re sure to hear a lot more about Gary and Social Viral Mailer in the future… join today so you can start benefiting right away!

Send out your first ad today for free

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. At Social Viral Mailer, every time that you send out a mailing, the people reading it can also easily connect with you via, Facebook, Twitter, or even Skype with just one easy simple click. Start getting exposure and new business contacts today

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  • mistake post twice sorry can’t delete so just edited it

  • I was just thinking of safelist yesterday and was trying to think out of the box of making them better etc. What I thought of was what if the safelist gave you something of high value for not just looking at sites like credits etc. but for actually purchasing products from members emails. Also thinking other ways like getting credits or something for sending out others products they like via viral marketing promotions etc. right from the emails.

    • You mean creating one of your own? Thinking creative has huge benefits, it would definitely attract attention.

  • Models and forms of communication are in constant evolution and tend to be in parallel with our
    behaviours. Emails had been at first a very formal mode of communicating. Then the language
    has changed, the “too serious or formal” is no longer compliant with our own ways of sharing
    even important matters. So we see the birth of   ezine language and all subsequent generation of new forms in writing. Today we have discovered that emails, whatever colloquial, do not have any impact on those called to reading them and that communication ends into their waste basket.
    We needed however a feed back to our communications and social viral mailing by Gary
    Russeau seems to be a perfect solution to this stagnant communication. I am sincere,
    I did not try it yet, not being a fan of FB etc.. but I can state with absolute certainty that the
    method is valuable and will be appreciated. Personally I prefer to add my skype contact id to
    my written communications, love of privacy perhaps. Anyway my bravo to Garyand my hottest
    wishes for the success he deserves. AnnaLoredana


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