Social Browsing?

I LOVE new ideas, so I’m really
pumped to share with you a new traffic
exchange site by veterans Tim Linden
and Jon Olson with a new twist I
GUARANTEE you haven’t seen before.

They just launched it today, if your
curiosity is killing you go here now:


It’s called Sweeva.

The new idea is what they call ‘Social
Browsing’. You surf with hundreds of other
members, you get to rate sites as they
appear and you can network with like minded

But honestly, I can’t do it justice with that
explanation, it’s far more cooler when you
see it in action:


It’s free, and you could have YOUR site being
viewed by hundreds of people at the same time,
while they comment on your site and you even chat
with them while they are on your site!


Darren Olander

P.S. – Traffic is going to be flowing very fast
especially right now as thousands join this new launch…
so really, there is no better time to take advantage
of it and put your site in front of them…


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