Secret Niche Hunting 101

Secret niches are out there – they are just waiting for you to find them! If you feel stuck in your Internet marketing career and feel like you need to break out of the overcrowded competition filled “major niches” then give secret niche hunting a try. By finding a small untapped niche in a larger niche, you can get a lot of the overflow traffic from the main niche – but still have a competitive edge.

Secret niche hunting starts with knowing where to look and having the dedication to follow through. While some of the niches that you find may not be super profitable, small trickles can add up to a huge river of income. Once you find a secret niche, try it out and see how it works for you before you declare it “unprofitable.”

Secret niches are everywhere! Here are a few places to start looking.

eHow Network – eHow writers select topics that are themselves selected from intense niche research. Mining their databases of articles for niche ideas is as simple as visiting eHow and beginning to search for a niche topic. You’ll find a bevy of sample articles that you can use for a quick and easy outline for your own research and topics (each article is written in a handy “how to” format).

Google Trends – This service from Google is a good way to get a sneak peak at what is trending on Google search, which can open you up to niches you never thought existed. Although many are celebrity or current events centered, you can generally find some interesting niches if you dig far enough.

Recently registered domains – Although this technique takes a little legwork, and there isn’t one centralized location to do it, you can get a lot out of searching for recently registered domain names. The downside to this technique is that you’ll know that you’ll have competition for that niche, but you can always track your competitor and stay one step ahead of them.

Searching through freelance job boards – If you register for free at Guru, Elance or Odesk you can see what other marketers are purchasing. Most don’t detail their keywords, but they will mention the topic at hand. If you start to notice trends, you can often spot a niche on the rise and get in while there is money to be made.

Google Alerts – Another helpful service from Google that can make a difference in your niche hunting adventures. With Google Alerts, you can sign up to get new content on a daily, weekly or as it happens basis. The content is based on a keyword, so you can find closely related niches that relate to your keyword. It’s a good tool to use if you want to expand an existing site into a new niche.

It’s true – there are still great niches to be found out there! You just have to know where to look. Use these ideas as starting points for your own niche hunting.

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