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Network Marketing and Time Management

Time management and organization is incredibly crucial to your success online. I have personally found the key to my success simply in my daily routine. It is the things that I consistently do on a daily basis. Advertising online is not a one time deal. It takes placing advertising in various places over the web every single day, even it is only for half an hour each day. Too many people get caught up in doing something once, receiving some return on that work, and then failing to continue to do what they did that one day to produce those results on a daily basis.

If you have many places you place ads on a regular basis then keeping track of them can be a big headache. For example, say you have one place you can send an e-mail advertisement every seven days, another place you can send every 48 hours, and another place you can send every 72 hours. It can get even more complex than that when you start adding on more, such as a lot of different safelists that limit you to mailing every so many days or hours, or possibly even advertisements you place on certain days of the week, or solo ads you send once a month. There are also tasks you will need to do on a daily basis, and keeping track of these is just not as simple as one would hope.

If you have had this problem, or expect that you will…more likely than not, I am happy to pass on the solution to you. Now I don’t own this neat little program and I’m not even an affiliate for it, so I get absolutely nothing for recommending it to you, but that is how strongly I believe in being organized with your online marketing. The name of the program I use is called EssentialPIM. You can download it for free at That’s right, I use the free version and it does everything I need so you don’t need to upgrade.

The nice thing about it is you can add new tasks, and these tasks can be recurring for an unlimited time. So if you have a safelist you are going to send an ad to every 48 hours, create a new task with the name of the safelist telling yourself to mail to it and have it repeat. Now you can see it in the schedule for the day and even get a reminder about it if you want. Now there is no more confusion of keeping track of what to do and when! Most importantly you will now be following a daily routine. Want to encourage yourself to surf traffic exchanges for an hour every 3 days? Then all you have to do is add a task and have it remind you every three days. This way you will begin getting the things done that are needed to experience the success you have always wanted.

Another important task is to give yourself time to learn something new every week. If you are always learning something new and constantly expanding your marketing and advertising knowledge you will be on a very successful road. Knowledge and consistency is the key!

To your success,

Darren Olander


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