Review: PayItForward4Profits

An Honest Review: PayItForward4Profits

From The Desk Of: Darren Olander (GRIN Founder)

Subject: Program Review – PayItForward4Profits

From this date of November 13, 2006 I have been personally testing the program of PayItForward4Profits for 26 days straight. Usually before I recommend something to anyone I want to personally test it out and research on it for a month before making it public.. this is one of those examples. I will look at both the positives and negatives and how this free program can help you.

What is PayItForward4Profits?

PayItForward4Profits is a Funded Sponsoring Franchise. To use the system itself is completely free. There are of course several programs and recommendations within the system but those are optional to you and your referrals. When you refer people to PayItForward4Profits (PIF4P’s) they will join ALL of those affiliate programs under you as long as you have entered your usernames. You may already be a part of these traffic services or business opportunities.. and that is perfectly ok. All you have to do is enter your user information and from then on anybody you refer to the program will be joining beneath you. That explains the “Funded” part.

PIF4P is also a sponsoring system. From the very point you get into the members area you are introduced to step-by-step instructions geared towards getting you started off right. Upon joining (for free) you get full access to the 30 day success guide packed full of information and action steps/examples. Whether you are a beginner or advanced marketer this guide will help you enhance your advertising. This sponsoring system also has conference calls, coops, and tools to make sponsoring easy for anyone.

PIF4P is a franchise. As a member of PIF4P you can call it your own. Everyone you recruit to the program is yours, and they will join through all of your affiliate links. You can pass this franchise on to your downline for free!

Who Runs PayItForward4Profits?

The Founders of PIF4P’s are Paul Birdsall and Joel Broughton. Both of them are very successful network marketers. If you look at the leader boards for Global Domains International you will see that both of them easily hit it week after week. How is it so possible for them to continuously recruit so many people week after week? They use a system. Not only do they use a system, they allow others to use the very same system that they use for free!

After research on the owners I have found a website at This website defames Paul as being a scam artist. However, after reviewing the website I fail to find any real facts that can hold down any of their claims. Also, as being a member of Paul’s program I can see that there is no possibility that he is scamming anyone. First of all, this program is completely free.. nobody has any obligation to join any paid program that is on the inside. And second, all I have seen Paul and Joel do is give to the PIF4P’s community. They constantly update the program, keep conference calls going, and answer questions in the forum.

How has it worked for me?

To totally test out this program I decided that I would need to go all-out. In order to do this I went EXACTLY by the success guide and their training to see the results I would receive. I also partially went above and beyond what they recommended, but by following their guidelines I have easily doubled my signups as well as income.

Here is a screenshot from my back-office in PayItForward4Profits:

This shows that I have recruited 315 (more now) since 26 days of being a member! This is WITHOUT sending out a massive mailing to my list!

Here are some screenshots of my progress with Global Domains International since joining PIF4P’s.

That’s all good, but let’s take it a foot further. Not only has PIF4P’s increased signups to my Global Domains business, but it has also increased signups passively (without me needing to advertise them) into Traffic Oasis, Success University, and my Primary Business (AllNetworkers).

I joined Traffic Oasis when joining PayItForward4Profits. Guess What? I am now at the Executive level in Traffic Oasis.. and I haven’t even advertised it!! PIF4P’s has done it all for me! Here is the screenshot. Personally sponsored are free registrations and members are paid.

All of this after just one month. Now I think I have proven my point but now let’s take a look at how PayItForward4Profits will benefit you and why I am sharing it with you.

Why PayItForward4Profits?

PayItForward4Profits will help you build your GDI, Traffic Oasis, Success University, or your Primary Business. No matter what business you are promoting you can use PayItForward4Profits to help you build it. Once you join all you do is upload your own affiliate links and your new members will join underneath you! PIF4P’s will teach you how to generate your own leads and bring traffic to your site in order to enroll new PIF4P members. Isn’t it time to start building multiple streams of income and traffic at the same time? That is definitely the BEST way to build an online business. By just referring one member.. you will be referring them to several of your affiliate links at the same time.. benefiting both you and them. You are making money by helping others.. its great!

I am the founder of GRIN, why would I recommend something that may appear to compete? At GRIN I have many things that are not at PIF4P’s, and they have touched other bases that I have not included in GRIN. I am still working hard to develop GRIN, and I still have very many things to add. I have asked every member I refer through PIF4P’s to also sign up as GRIN and so they are able to make the best of both worlds. I want you to be as successful as possible so I constantly review things that will help you.

Let’s Do It Together…

So If you haven’t joined PayItForward4Profits yet.. do it now at I look forward to being an active sponsor and helping you every step of the way!

If you are already a member of this program then great! I hope you have started going through the recently updated back-office and putting the information to use. If you don’t apply the information you can not expect results.. if you do.. you will see results.

In addition to PayItForward and GRIN, I have launched a new site at – I have found this to be a great way to build streams of residual traffic quickly by building up your referrals in free traffic services. (For members you refer you get extra traffic!)

To Our Success,

Darren Olander
Founder of GRIN

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