Rejuvenate Worldwide is breaking records…

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I sent you an e-mail about a new company launch…
well that launch is (not surprisingly) breaking records!

Just personally I have had over 159 tour takers in the last
24 hours! Are you one of them? If so.. make sure to lock in your
position and upgrade today. I am on the leaderboard along with
all of my upline.. my uplines team is no doubt the largest and
fastest growing team in Rejuvenate Worldwide.

Here are some stats:

7300 Pre-Enrollees and 830 PAID Distributors have already signed up
since we prelaunched…and it is STILL GROWING! (That is in
only 24 hours!)

Listen to this audio from the founder Ben Glinksy:

After listening make sure to take a free tour if you haven’t
already and then upgrade to lock in your position!

I look forward to working with you!

To your success,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

P.S. – If you have already taken the free tour you can login at to upgrade your account.

P.P.S. – Once you are upgraded make sure to get in touch with me if
you need help, I can supply you with some great sources I use for
advertising and provide you some personal training via an online
messenger if you like. Let’s get your business building!

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