Rejuvenate WorldWide Fully Launched – 2nd Matrix – New Product

Awesome News!

Rejuvenate just fully launched and the corporate website
is in Spanish now and the rejuvenatelive system website will
follow soon into Spanish and as well in Thai and German language.

As well a warehouse in Thailand to server the Asian market
and a warehouse in Netherlands will open after that soon.

With the full launch we have a new product…and not just that
BUT as well a 2nd matrix.

I hear you…a second matrix ??

Listen to the announcement call until the end (explains the new
product and everything):

And if you like this, go and join here:

Take care,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

P.S. – On the call Ben mentioned the ability to purchase customers!
This is genius, and I was privileged to be able to purchase some
myself! Imagine what this can do to grow our businesses…

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  • Shame about a new matrix, looked like a real winner but now there’s going to be 4 matrixes…. not sure about that. Rejuvenate would have been a real winner if they stuck with one matrix or just a normal unilevel plan.

  • Ben actually changed his mind.. so this post doesnt apply anymore… there is and will be only ONE matrix.


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