Now You’re Really Going To Love The New Year…

Hello Team Member!

You were probably bombarded by “Christmas Gifts” and the like during the last week.. So I am sure you will be glad I waited until now to tell you this. I wanted to give my membership something they could always remember me for and that would last into the New Year.. but what could that be?

Well here are the things I decided it should be:

  • A gift should always be free, and ask nothing of the person receiving it.
  • I wanted to give a gift that would benefit greatly the person I was giving it, as well as be time-worthy for my effort also.
  • A gift that would strengthen my relationship with the team and reward those who read each and every communication I send out.
  • And last of all, something that would stand out from the rest of the “gifts” you were probably given.

Believe me, I have a lot I can offer to my membership.. but the decision of WHAT it should be was most difficult. This is not a belated Christmas Gift.. but a gift that will start your New Year in a direction you would never have believed!

What is this Holiday Gift?


Ok, I have decided to run a campaign for YOU. That’s right.. I’m going to advertise your affiliate link of choice for you. This won’t be a big campaign – you can expect a minimum of 1 signup and probably a maximum of 5 signups from the campaign I set for you. The campaigns will be on a first-come first-serve basis and so I will be setting up campaigns over the next couple of months (depending on the responses I receive). There is NO Cost, and absolutely no hidden fees.. but there is some information I need from  you and just one requirement!

What is the requirement?


You must choose one affiliate program from the list of four below as your campaign.

1)      Option One

Option one is me advertising your personal PayItForward4Profits Affiliate URL. The conditions apply that I must be your direct sponsor, and within the programs contained in PayItForward4Profits you must be in my downline in a minimum of one. If you are not a member of PayItForward4Profits check it out at

2)      Option Two


Option two is me advertising your AllNetworkers Affiliate URL. The only condition that applies is that you are in my downline anywhere. This means that if you are recruited by someone who I recruited you are still eligible. To check out AllNetworkers go to

3)      Option Three

Option three is me advertising your GRIN Affiliate URL. The only condition is that you are a member, you can be sponsored by anyone. To check out GRIN go to

4)      Option Four


Option four is me advertising your InstantTrafficSecret Affiliate URL. The only condition is that you are a member, sponsored by anyone. To check out InstantTrafficSecret go to

You may only choose ONE option!!


“Ok, I’m ready! Now What?!”

What I need you to do is send the following information to:

Please Include Subject: “New Years Gift Application”

This is the following information I need from YOU. (Please do not make this harder than it is.. It is a gift from me anyway!)


1)      Your Full First and Last Name

2)      Your E-mail Address For Any Communications

3)      The Option of your choice (one through four).. Only choose ONE.

4)      Your Affiliate URL for the program you chose

5)      Your Username For the Program you chose (if needs to be verified I will)

Optional: If you have experienced success working with our team and would like to share it for the world to hear (plus earn more publicity for yourself ) Please contain it in the e-mail.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at and I will response to your inquiry within 24-48 hours. If I receive any spam you will be added to a “blacklist” and I will not accept further e-mail from you.

To a prosperous New Year!

Darren Olander

Team Leader

P.S. Remember, I will start campaigns for each people manually on a first-come first-serve basis.. I will notify you when I have started your campaign and you should expect to receive results in only a couple days after I have started it.

P.P.S. I ask nothing from you.. please accept my guidelines or you refuse to accept my gift.

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