Now Accepting Bitcoin

I am excited to announce that three of my advertising sites are now accepting Bitcoin payments and subscriptions through Coinbase.

The sites ready to accept Bitcoin right now are,, and

What is Bitcoin?

For the best explanation, I recommend to visit and watch the short video. Bitcoin is open-source, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin, and everyone can take part. There will be a set amount of Bitcoin ever released over time to “miners” (anyone providing server resources) who support the network for secure transaction processing. Once this amount is reached no more Bitcoin will ever be released, this makes the currency different from fiat currencies because it is naturally deflationary.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is super attractive because of little to no transaction fees to send or receive Bitcoin. It is more cost effective than credit card processing or any other payment processing system.

You have complete control over your Bitcoin, so your Bitcoin account isn’t tied to any financial institutions and it can’t be frozen.

Many large companies are now accepting Bitcoin or have announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin soon… OverStock, NewEgg, Dell, NameCheap, TigerDirect, and many many more.

How do I get Bitcoin?

The easiest way to get, securely store and send Bitcoin is through CoinbaseCoinbase is the world’s largest platform for buying and selling Bitcoin for US dollars at the current market rate.

You don’t have to buy one Bitcoin to get started, you can buy and spend fractions of Bitcoins called bits so you can own as little or as much as you like.

Once you have obtained Bitcoin, either through Coinbase or another means, you can spend it at my sites and receive an automatic 10% discount, for the time being, at, and

Thank you for your support!

Darren Olander


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  • what ever came of the thieve that stole millions of “dollars”from this bit coin thing?

    • I’m not sure what you are referring to but Bitcoin is not free from scams or people looking to cheat others, it is just like any other currency.. people will use it for what they use it for. We don’t blame the US dollar when someone scams people out of millions. If you are sending bitcoin to someone you should be able to trust them that they will provide what they promise.

    • Bitcoin itself can’t be hacked or scammed. It’s only corrupt people in companies who run off with it or bad security and coding that lets hackers get into their systems. You’re probably referring to Mark Karpeles from Mt. Gox who absconded with about 850k Bitcoin, currently worth about $500 million. That whole thing is still a mess and isn’t resolved yet. Like Darren said, you can’t blame the USD or BTC itself, just greedy thieves.

      The only good thing to come of the debacle is that it showed the world that Mt. Gox was failing anyway and Bitcoin doesn’t need that exchange to survive. Watch for the coming decentralized exchanges, which are completely trustless and allow for trading of BTC/USD and other currencies with users with no central exchange that can fail or be robbed.

      If you own Bitcoin, you can take steps to make it impossible for others to get to it and steal it. One of those steps is keeping it in a Bitcoin wallet that is on a computer or USB stick that has no net access.

  • Hey Darren viral mailer also accepts bitcoin

  • These guys are giving away $500 airdrops

  • I just got a message that I sent $6.94 in bitcoin from coinbase to you for some silver thing. But I didn’t. Do you have a clue about this?
    ?0.000602 BTC
    ? $6.96
    Payment for order GNO0VWOT to Darren Olander.

  • http://oufkrhddoiik3xoy.onion crazy good im so happy with the work they done.


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