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What’s Up Mate? 🙂

I just found a great advertising site, and
most people on my list are definitely
interested in some high quality advertising
so I decided to shoot it off to you.

Now this just ain’t no regular advertising
site. It is created by two top marketers
and list builders Jane Mark and Phil Basten,
you may recognize the names of some of their
previous sites: FreeAdDepot, TargetAdDepot,
1MinuteAds, Twenty20, and many more…

Well they just launched their newest site
recently and I took a look, joined as a
lifetime member and I see great potential
here. I know that my ads will be seen
and not only that.. but I will experience
great results from advertising here!

The name of the site is CrocAds, and it
has everything you need:

* Free targeted text ads
* Free power selling website
* Latest online technology
* Grow a mailing list 5-levels deep
* Win FREE advertising credits
* Earn FREE advertising credits
* Recommended sites advertising
* Top results search ads
* Email top sponsor ads
* And much more…

Here’s what you can do now…

1. Assign credits you earn to any ad you have
running on the network (your ads need never
expire again).

2. You can buy credits (perfect for members who
have limited time on their hands).

3. You can buy additional ads (ideal if you have
more than one program you want to promote.

Credits can be earned easily a number of ways.

(a) Sponsoring new members.

(b) clicking on any ads displaying on the main site,
in your members area, or on members websites.

(c) By reading members emails and viewing their

This means you can get a lot of exposure and advertising…
for free or very affordable if you decide to purchase!

Plus CrocAds is backed by Jane and Phil, who I support
and recommend 100%! You will not regret working with
them and joining the sites in their advertising networks.

Here is where you can join now:

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

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