New all-in-one hosting, list builder and mailer system

One of the essential components to making money
online is…

A web hosting account.

To make money online you MUST be able to create
your own web pages. Whether it is for a blog,
for a capture page, splash page (you name it),
you need the control to be able to brand
yourself and stand out.

Many people don’t get it or think it will be
too complicated or expensive so they cut corners,
well now you don’t have to…

Prepare to be blown away.

Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer, the same owners
of the HIGHLY successful ViralURL system have
developed a new system called ViralHosts. It is
now in pre-launch.

ViralHosts is a free hosting service, a list builder,
traffic generator and website creator!

The biggest ‘problems’ are solved with one service…
And best of all, you can get started using it for
no cost whatsoever…

ViralHosts gives you a free, simple way to start branding
yourself online, generating opt-ins and promoting your…
or other people’s offers!

What you get by signing up:

– Free Hosting (50MB storage and 500MB bandwidth – (much more for
upgraded members)
– A free subdomain name (or you can use your own domain name)
– Easy to use technology to set up your hosting and website
– Viral bar to promote your website (get paid for promoting your
own website AND your referrals websites)
– 40% commissions (up to 60% for upgraded members)
– Email downline depth of 5 levels (up to 7 levels for upgraded

The owners previous system, called ViralURL has
consistently been one of the top performers for
solo advertising I have EVER used. ViralHosts
will prove to be just as effective, so listen

If you want to maximize your results online
and your income… then when you sign up
make sure to take the one time offer
that will be displayed to you, that will
enable you to mail 30,000+ people per month (plus
all the other cool benefits) –
In my opinion you can’t spend the money
better anywhere else.. so do it!

If you pass this up you will regret it later,
so get in now:


Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – Colin and Frank create the most quality
and effective systems I’ve ever used… but
even knowing that I’m completely blown away
by ViralHosts – so get in at the very least
for free and see how you can experience a
viral explosion in your online business…

P.P.S.- Don’t forget, for the most cost-effective,
and I mean REALLY effective, solo advertising
make sure to purchase the one time offer
immediately after you join – It will be one
of the best purchases you make this year.


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