NEW – A List Builder & Giveaway In One?

Every once in a while a new program comes
along that simply delivers more than the
status quo.

Frank Salinas and Jon Atwood have just launched
List Effects, an awesome new viral list
builder that is also a giveaway site that never ends!

Frank and Jon already run their own highly successful
sites, and I have no doubt List Effects will be
just as rewarding. This is one you need to be using to
get more prospects (through the list builder), and a
ton of free gifts too (tons of free advertising and
resources are being given away)!


Here are some of the benefits:

•Email your referrals down 10 levels every 10 days
as a free member.

•Upgrade and you can email up to 6K members
every 3 days in addition to your downline!

•Free members can add a gift to giveaway to build their list! All
you have to do is refer some members when you join!

•Upgraded members can add 2-3 gifts so other members can download them
instantly.. which will help build your list!

•Enjoy downline mailings, targeted solo ad Mailings, text ads, banner ads,
and a giveaway platform that never ends!  It’ll bring opt-ins to
your list over and over again!

Plus all members, which includes YOU, have a chance to win a daily mailing
to the entire membership base! – that’s right..

And you can bet that it doesn’t stop there, this would simply be just
too long of an email if I kept going on about what they are offering.

But I will share with you the best part…

It’s free to try, check it out today:


To Your Success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. If you are not having success with building your list this
is the perfect time to start seeing a difference by using a
quality resource:


P.S.S. My advice: Take the upgrade. This is a huge launch
and you will be able to reach a lot of prospects
if you do!

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