Need signups from specific countries? Improved Geotargeting…

If you are promoting a program that only accepts members from certain countries, then the new improved geotargeting at BuildMyDownlines will be perfect for you!

Every member in BuildMyDownlines is now required to select their country, and they will only see offers that are available to their country.

Not sure what I mean about “offers”?

BuildMyDownlines let’s you name your price to get referrals into ANY program you want. That “program” could also just be your autoresponder list.

BuildMyDownlines has thousands of members waiting to join you and be rewarded in either a cash prize or credits.

If you reward credits, you can even build your downlines completely free – just earn some credits yourself first and then spend them on creating your own offers!

Try it out today

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Getting signups doesn’t have to be hard.  Just set up an offer in BuildMyDownlines with a nice reward and see signups flock to you!

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