My secret advertising spot for RESULTS!

I say secret because this is something I don’t normally teach.

A lot of mailers or TEs will offer what are called spotlight or login ads for sale, which basically means when users login the first thing they see is YOUR website in full view.

Generally these can be very affordable (depending on where you purchase them)… and from my tests this is when people are really responsive, so it has worked great for me.

Most of my sites already sell login ad credits, but BuildMyDownlines was the odd one out.

Since I JUST enabled them at BuildMyDownlines I need ads in rotation, so the credits are super cheap right now.

Once inside the members area, just go to Account Details menu and then Buy Credits from the menu

To your success!

Darren Olander

Give login ads a try, make sure to track your results using a tracker such as smart-url, and I’m confident you will be hooked!


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