List Jumper is now Simpler. Mail to over 11k Today

There are over 11k active readers on the List Jumper list, and you can reach them easier than ever as long as you have the credits (or upgrade).

We just removed the “Line” to simplify the system so that members don’t have to worry about burning extra credits to jump over others. Now you just spend credits and you can reach EVERYONE!

List Jumper will continue to have the popular One-A-Day bonus system which rewards members for reading at least one mail per day with consecutive day bonuses. This keeps an active list with tons of unique visitors to the sites you advertise!

To your massive success,

Darren Olander

P.S. With Stripe integration we accept cards directly so it is easier than ever to grab an upgrade. Upgraded members have their email ads displayed to everyone in the members area – this is a huge benefit to get even more exposure!


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  • I’m actually pretty pumped that you guys changed the line system!
    Awesome to hear, I’m going to go send out a broadcast right now!
    Great post as always my friend

    • I am writing you today because i got a charge of $12.00 on my Visa ending with #8124 (charged on May 5, 2017) Please explain what was that charge about.



      • Hi Conrad,

        I do have a support desk…
        $12 is the likely for the Prosperity Marketing System membership, but the receipt would state what it is for.




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