List Jumper New Features!

We have some new stuff at List Jumper and more on the way…

1. On your members home page you can view the top One-A-Day achievers.. Margot Lawrence has read at least one mail per day for 690 days! Can you beat that?

2. We are also displaying a feed of recent mails from all our upgraded members, you can click on those to view them and earn credits just as you would through your email.

3. We’ve removed the limits! You can now spend as many credits as you like to send your mailings. This applies to all members, so upgraded members of course get to send to a set amount of members without spending any credits, and any on top of that can be reached using credits.

Thank you for being an active List Jumper member, we’re happy to provide quality advertising to you.
If you’re not using List Jumper yet, go here.

To your success,

Darren Olander

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