Just launched now… (best of 2008?)

This new company, Travelencia, just opened its doors – TODAY this
very minute.


This company is unlike any other travel company out there today
because firstly you DO NOT act as an agent trying to have others
book travel on your individual site (which by the way is VERY
difficult for most to see any money from anyway), secondly it is
affordable to anyone for only a very low start-up of $50 and then
your choice of $19.95/month or $49.95/month. To receive the
benefits from most travel companies you would have to pay $1,300
and sometimes even more just to join – NOT with Travelencia! Folks,
this is a huge long-term opportunity.

Just a quick note: Make sure to join at the $49.95/month level
otherwise you will not be qualified to receive matching bonuses
from others you refer.

Travel is an absolutely humongous market… a 7 Trillion Dollar
market. Everyone who travels would love to save money whenever they
travel. Travelencia can help people save 20-50% when they book
travel (sometimes up to 73%). The savings and benefits here are
huge compared to the membership cost.

This is a 4×6 forced matrix and will be filling fast. You do not
even have to sponsor anyone to earn money on the matrix, but like I
always say don’t join if you want to rely on spillover even though
it is likely to happen if you get in right away.

I am building this one long term, I plan in the coming months
creating a downline building site that will help train and explode
people’s businesses with Travelencia quickly and easily. This is a
quality program that I am backing 100% and it will be my PRIMARY
focus before all other businesses. So if you join me you have a
dedicated sponsor who wants to see you succeed.

That’s enough for now… you can take a free tour, listen to the
audio on the site, and even more by going to:


Once you are in and upgraded fire me an e-mail so I can give you
tips on getting started and we can begin building a great business

To your success,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

P.S. – There is no better time to join than NOW – From experience
people will be pouring in heavily right this very second and you
should get in and lock in a position to receive the greatest
benefit. The forced matrix structure rewards those who act quickly.

P.P.S. – This is the BEST Compensation Plan I’ve Ever Seen In ALL
my marketing online, backed with the largest market ever… take my
word for it and reap the benefits 🙂

P.P.P.S. – I know I recently recommended another great program
(about two weeks ago), and you’ll see my reasoning for highly
recommending this as well in an e-mail tomorrow (besides the fact
that multiple streams of income is the quickest way to online
wealth). For information on that keep an eye out for my e-mail
tomorrow, but today I wanted to get down to the cold hard facts and
give you the opportunity to take a look at this amazing company!

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