Jollow Spotlight: New Sites!

At Jollow, we have a platform that allows users to get rewarded more for their time on sites, most notably viral mailers and traffic exchanges, but any site can integrate. I like to thank and give exposure to those sites that have partnered with us!

The first new site is WebMailAd from Merry Makowski. This site has shown great consistent growth and it’s a high quality mailer to be using right now!

The second site is GenieMailer. Genie Mailer has been around a long time but has recently taken up Janet Legere as part of the ownership with Anderson Goncalves. Together they have the potential to transform the site into a buzzing mailer, and it’s already seeing progress towards that. I also hear they have big plans there so it’s something to watch out for to see what they do!

If you’re not sure what Jollow is, make sure to check it out.. why not get more value for the time you spend on your favorite sites? Encourage your favorite site owners to integrate with us… it is FREE to integrate any one site with us, and we’ll even do the integration free too so no technical know-how is needed at all!


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