It’s here and I tested it for you…

The last few days I’ve had the privilege of
trying out Soren, Cindy, and John’s new
Phantom Link Cloaker software… which they
just released today!

My thoughts? It Rocks!

In a hurry? See it in action here:

This is what I noticed right away:

– It is super easy to use and install.
– It does way more than just link cloaking!

I used to use another software (until a few
days ago) which did the job, but just doesn’t
match up to what Phantom Link Cloaker can do.

The reason why you need something like this
and why I’ve been using a link cloaker for
years is simple:

– You protect your affiliate links so you do
not lose out on valuable commissions.
– It helps brand yourself (through your own
domain name)
– It helps increase conversions.. make more

One feature in Phantom Link Cloaker
that totally blows me away is you
can add your own lead capture page (or other
content) to ANY website!

Imagine adding that to any of the affiliate
pages you are currently promoting!

See it in action here:


Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

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